Leadership Performance Profile

The Starting Point for all Kameleons Programs, Workshops & Coaching

The Leadership Performance Profile (LPP) takes the guess work out of targeted leadership programs, workshops and executive coaching, providing a solid basis on which to make informed development decisions.

Confirm Your Gut Instinct and Verify your Strengths

The LPP considers 25 behavioural traits, focussed in 5 distinct leadership capabilities, 

  1. Task Management
  2. Purpose & Values
  3. Individual Support
  4. Building Your Team
  5. Adaptable Leadership Qualities

The LPP results provide leaders with clear guidance regarding their current performance and provide a platform for growth and leadership development.

Begin with the end in Mind

Leaders can use the Leadership Performance Profile to develop themselves, as well as develop the leaders that work for them. The LPP provides insight about your people, how to effectively manage and develop them, and how to make good recruitment decisions based on behavioural data.

If you lead a business (big or small) or lead a team, you will gain benefit from completing the LPP. Supervisory and management positions benefit best from the profile, as the behavioural traits identified focus specifically on leadership and high-performance team development.

Reach New Heights

If you want to take your leadership skills and the performance of your team to the next level, start with understanding the best and most efficient way to get you there. 

Scroll below to review the Leadership Performance Profile traits and sample scores.


Example Leadership Performance Profile

Listed below is a website example Leadership Performance profile, looking at the 25 leadership traits and 5 distinct leadership capabilities.

 The Leadership Performance Profile provide leaders with clear guidance regarding their current performance and the tailored debrief discusses a platform for growth, leadership development and future actions to focus and heighten your leadership ability.


Purpose & Values

Your purpose and values provide you with grit, determination and focus to attain results. Like the engine in a car or the powerplant of an aircraft, it provides the drive and resilience to reach your goals.





Resilience & Commitment


Focus on Results




Task Management

How well do you manage the task at hand? Like executing a good flight plan, your organisation, focus on task and level of responsibility determine your ability to get where you want to go, in the time you want to get there. Your ability to think creatively and solve problems at hand ensure you maintain your set path.



Organisational Skills


Focus on Task


Detail Orientation


Creativity / Problem Solving


Individual Support

No aircraft can fly high without the support of a good ground crew. Similarly, no team can fly high without all individuals in the team being engaged; aware of their own behaviours, assertive in their interactions and happy in what they are doing. These factors, along with a firm self belief and clarity in your surroundings provide each member of the team the support they need.

Self Awareness


Self Belief


Personal Engagement






Team Altitude

Like the wings on an aircraft, your team can provide you with the lift in your business to fly higher and achieve more. An ineffective team can drag your performance and be highly inefficient. Your ability to understand, communicate and listen to your team, hold them to account and provide constructive feedback all have an impact on how high your team will fly.



Verbal Communication


Active Listening




Constructive Feedback


Adaptable Leadership Qualities

When a propellor-driven aircraft is in flight, you only see the outline of the propellor, not the individual blades in motion. Leadership qualities are similar, they only become relevant when purpose, team, task and individual behaviours are all in motion. Your leadership qualities are dependent on your team and internal and external environments - meaning they need to be adaptable to changing circumstances. Your ability to adapt determines your velocity (the speed and direction in which you and your team) and your reliability (how often you meet your objectives on time).Your reliability is your personal guarantee of 'on task, on purpose, on time'. 

Empowerment / Control






Flexibility / Adaption to Change



  • I highly recommend the Kameleon's leadership program. This program helped me rediscover what I am passionate about and my tolerances. Michael's uncanny ability to know how to challenge you as a leader just when you need it positively changed my worldview.

    Sarah Gafforini

    Head of Strategy, Population and Global Health

    Marie Stopes Australia

  • Making the transition from a clinical background to the corporate world was full of challenged. As a nurse learning to navigate the world of business I was looking for advice and guidance in order to succeed in the new environment.  
    Through one on one leadership mentoring and coaching combined with facilitated group leadership coaching, Michael enabled me to develop the tools and skills to succeed in the corporate environment. Michael has enabled me to develop my analytical and business navigation skills and how to manage a variety of diverse situations and people while encouraging lateral thinking.
    Through the group workshops Michael is able to engage his audience and bring out the strongest qualities, facilitating productive conversations in a safe space while challenging the status quo. I highly recommend and thank Michael for the time he spent developing my own leadership skills.

    Warren Fowler

    Manager, National Operations & Clinical Resourcing

    Marie Stopes Australia

  • Michael facilitated a leadership and values program over a 12 month period at my organisation, which I had the pleasure of attending. I found Michael to be engaging and effective in delivering powerful lessons to our group - senior managers from different departments across our organisation. 
    Upon completion of the course I was able to take several key learnings, new strategies and communication tools from the course that I still utilise in my day-to-day management of my team. I learnt how to be more assertive whilst engaging with my team, and how to connect with people on a better level to ensure buy-in and loyalty.  
    Michael’s facilitation style allowed for honest, open and powerful conversations amongst our group, often taking people out of their comfort zone to gain a deeper understanding of what drives their own behaviours and thoughts. I rate Michael 10/10 for his facilitation style and would recommend Michael's skills and teachings to any organisation looking to build on their current leadership base.

    Ben Nicholson

    National Parts, Logistics and Inventory Manager

    Scania Australia

  • 'Michael led a leadership and culture program within my organisation throughout 2017. He was very relatable and effective with our group of leaders, who were each from diverse backgrounds and professions. Michael’s facilitation style unified the group and broke down any actual or perceived barriers. Personally, Michael gave me the confidence to share my vulnerabilities and learn and grow from them. He taught me to share my stories with people to enable a genuine learning experience. I would highly recommend Michael to any organisation who is looking to create a culture of integrity, accountability and transparency.'

    Christina Benson

    HR Manager - Coleman Brands, Pure Fishing and NUK

  • 'Michael has been a great consultant for our business. He always delivers strong results and builds valuable relationships along the way.'

    Andrea Renwick


    Swinburne University

  • 'I initially worked with Michael during my time with Swinburne University on a number of corporate learning programs. Michael developed and facilitated numerous leadership and change management programs for Swinburne clients and without exception delivered outstanding results.When it came time for me to upgrade my training and assessment qualifications I had no hesitation in engaging Michael as the facilitator/assessor as I knew he was/is among the very best. He did not let me down and I enjoyed learning from him immensely.Michael has an excellent facilitation style and is able to engage and inspire his audience with ease. He combines his sound theoretical knowledge and expertise with a relaxed manner and an entertaining sense of humour.'

    Nicholas Oddy

    Associate - Swinburne University

  • 'Michael is masterful at leading teams to higher levels of performance. He creates a safe space as a facilitator, a skill not all can do well. This enables the learning where participants are inspired to step up to a new level. I have seen Michael in this space and can testify to the success he has in this area. When people are engaged and having fun, they are learning. He gets results!'

    Helen Robinett

    HR Consulting

  • 'Michael facilitated the Diploma of Management for a group of managers at Sensis. He was a very engaging facilitator, and was incredibly creative with his activities and delivery style. He had a sound knowledge of management and frequently used incidents that had happened to him to bring life to the training. He always encouraged discussion and was great at summarising the group's responses. I really enjoyed Michael's sessions and would highly recommend him as a trainer.'

    Julia Zumpo

    National Learning & Organisational Development Manager

  • 'I have known Michael in a professional capacity during which time he personally delivered professional training services to the REA Group over a period of a year. He delivered his sessions to the highest standard, has been reliable, professional and provides out of the box methods. He also offered one-on-one support after hours.I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael to lead and facilitate training sessions.'

    Adele Wapnick Farmer

    Major Accounts Manager

    REA Group

  • 'Michael worked with us at realestate.com.au facilitating Management Development programs for our managers and team leaders. He is a great facilitator and highly competent in the core management disciplines.'

    Roxanne Addley

    Organisational Development Manager

    REA Group

  • 'Michael was a burst of energy and enthusiasm from the get go. His dedication and passion for his work was extremely refreshing along with his natural ability to foster cross level engagement of the highest standard. I have no hesitation in recommending him and would hire him again.'

    Brendan Dowling

    Advertising Operations Manager

    REA Group

  • 'Michael did an excellent job as a facilitator for Training and Assessment program. His expertise in the subject matter and experience as a facilitator enable him to deliver the course in a different way. I love his work with Mr.Sketch. Lastly, his pleasant personality makes everybody enjoy the 15 days course.'

    Hapidah Mohamad

    Training Director


  • 'Michael's professional approach and experience regarding training has allowed him to be selected to deliver the Diploma of Management, and leadership modules, to 21 of our employees.Michael is able to deliver the training topic(s) whilst relating to the individual's experiences. This approach has allowed the participants of the course to achieve the most out of their training. (A truly remarkable skill). It also brings out an enthusiasm within the participants that I have not seen.'

    Barry Tomlin

    Operations Training Manager


  • 'There are many leadership programmes out there, but Kameleons is a cut above the rest. Previous programmes I've been involved with simply discuss your strengths and weaknesses, but don't really give you anything to build on. Michael shares information on your strengths and weaknesses with you, but also discusses how your traits interact with each other. Under his coaching, I've become more aware of my behaviours both personally and professionally, which has resulted in my being better able to handle problems when they arise. I highly recommend Kameleons to any business or team leader who wants to learn how to build a strong, resilient, high functioning team.'

    Christine Tan

    Marie Stopes Australia

  • ‘We spent six days in training with Michael - he was receptive to our requirements and exceeded my expectations. His work, methods and his experience all culminated in excellent end results for all involved. Happy to recommend him as a facilitator.’

    Mark Kennedy

    Senior Manager


  • 'Michael is easily one of the best facilitators I have ever experienced. Michael's training style immediately won me over. His delivery was highly engaging and interactive, insightful and entertaining. I have incorporated many of his lessons into my own classes and programs. I found Michael to be highly intuitive and respectful which was demonstrated by how quickly he built a strong rapport with our entire class, which itself was made up of both men and women from a variety of ages, career backgrounds and cultural heritage. Without hesitaton, I would recommend Michael to any prospective clients.'

    Doug Hawkins

    L&D Manager

    City West Water

  • “Michael has been great to work with in past and present training projects for our business. His sense of humour and natural rapport with people is outstanding.”

    Sin May Leong

    Manager, People & Culture

    Jetstar Airways Limited

  • 'Michael is a dedicated professional who focuses on tailoring training content to meet business requirements.'

    Annette Killingsworth

    HR Manager, Telstra


Looking to Take Your Leadership Performance To The Next Level?

The Starting Point - The Leadership Performance Profile

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Leadership Performance Profile Debrief

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