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Do You Have The Weapons You Need For Success?

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HawkeyeI was one of the first people to see The Avengers – I love Marvel comics that have been turned into movies. One of my favourite characters is Hawkeye, an expert bowman who has a specific arrow for seemingly every situation that arises. Need to unlock a security keypad? He has an arrow for that. Take down a large-scale alien spacecraft? He has one for that as well.

What type of Hawkeye qualities do you and your team possess? Do you have an arrow (skill set) for every situation you have to encounter?

In the last couple of years, a slow decline in management and leadership training has seen many executives, supervisors and potential leaders fail to develop some key leadership skills as they downsized, scaled back business and did what was required to survive.

Is the outlook that you have for 2013 the same as that for last year? If not, does your team have the skill set to deal with the new requirements that will be placed upon them?

In our recent survey of Australian Managers, we asked what areas they felt their supervisors and staff needed to be more skilled in to face the challenges of 2013.

The main areas of skill weakness identified were:

  • setting performance management standards,
  • explaining ‘big picture’ business goals in day-to-day terms,
  • having difficult discussions with their team,
  • coaching effectively, and
  • efficient business administration (emails, meetings, time management).
  • Is this similar to you and your team? If so, why not talk to us about our business skills workshops or accredited training? Kameleons business skill workshops target specific areas of training need and develop skill in times / terms that suit your business. If a deeper level and more systematic approach is required, Kameleons can tailor a Certificate IV in Customer Contact, Certificate IV in Frontline Management or Diploma of Management to suit the needs of your team and business.

    If you know you have a problem but aren’t sure what area needs to be addressed, why not ask about our business diagnostic? We can provide an obligation free assessment of your learning and development needs, as well as provide solutions for addressing the gaps in ways that meet your time, structure and cultural needs. Call us on 0409627270 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a business assessment.

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